Careful of the Candles

One of my fondest childhood memories was lighting candles every night before we sat down to dinner. Mom would usually be the one to light the candle. When I learned how to light a match, she would sometimes let me light the candles. What joy! It may be this early memory repeated so many times […]


Garden of Delight

In the garden of delightI will dwellFor just a wee and little spell Poetry emblazoned on my breastMusic ringing everywhereBluebells gongingJade reverberating in the air In the garden of delightI will dwellFor just a wee and little spell When my eyes close tightWhen it is nightWhen moss fills my mindAnd fern fronds burn bright In […]

Many dreams

I’ve had many dreams,Life’s not always what it seems. So when I awake,I decide to take a break – Break break Break the glass,Smash the goblet,Release goblins, sing you say. Break breakMake makeMake love all day and night long. When you sleep,When you pray,When you swear, andWhen you care Break breakTake take The sacred wine […]

The Sage

Happy 2023 to you! What an exciting time to be alive – don’t you think? What will this year unfolding bring to us: individually and collectively, to the Monadnock region, the United States, and the whole world? What opportunities await us to continue to refine our character through meeting life’s challenges with a clear heart […]

Take Time!

Take time! That is the message I got last night from an ayurvedic website called Banyan Botanicals. I had googled them about what to do for adrenal fatigue – which I was feeling creeping upon me with a heavy hand for more than a week. Ache in the lower back, around the kidneys. Challenge getting […]


A former colleague named Steve will soon be swimming around Manhattan Island. Steve was born the same day as my father. March 29th, so during the years we worked together I always remembered his birthday. Except that my father left this world years before I met Steve. My relationship with my father was complicated. He […]