An Ode to Turquoise

Turquoise: Sacred Inclusion

Turquoise is what you call me;

though many names have I

I span all the ages and domains

I can connect the earth and the sky

I am the sun, the moon and the stars

The thunderbolt and the gentle rain

I am the eagle and its prey

I am the heart and mind

I am mother, father, child

I am the reaper and the grain.

In my rippling ways

That cover phosphorous days

And coppery nights

That bring together stalewart blue

And gentle green

I can do so very many things

With my embrace I can protect

Or heal an ailing lamb

I can give you in-sight

That will expand your sight

And then I can stand back

And let you a ceremony conduct

I am medicine woman, shaman man

I am the very best that you can be

And I can draw from you –

And from the cosmos too –

The very best that can be conceived

So let me take your hand

Let me nourish your ways

With the wisdom that comes

From knowing that we are all inter-connected

We are all part of the sacred trilogy three

Whose secrets I can whisper into your right ear

As you let it flow through your life wide and clear



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