Dear Keene
We come to you
Small spirits on a winding path

At the turning of these days
At the changing of the cycles

Please open the way
For our small and humble community
To shape shift into the next
Step of planetary evolution

We call upon the spirits
Up high and down low

To honor us
With the grace and life gifts you bring

As we honor you
Together – united –
Animate and supposed in-animate
Alive and supposed not alive
Human and non-human
In their forms and shapes and smells

We say to them all
Help us heal our ways:
Gentle earth
Flowing waters
Deep and forever skies

With these small crystal souls
Entities of sunlight and starlight
We imbue them with the intention of:


And in the center core
We ask, pray and beseech
En-lightenment, wisdom and
Collective transformation and healing

For fish and fowl;water and land
Air and the flower petals;
The tress, grasses, rodents, insects,
Rocks, pebbles, metals, leaves
And all the moves, breathes, lives and loves

We ask with love in our heart
And light in our intentions.

One thought on “A PRAYER FOR KEENE

  1. Lovely prayer, Skye. Hope you are safe in the storm!

    Lucy A. Montecino


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