Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences were developed by Ian White during the last twenty years. Currently there are 65 of them, all derived from plants native to Australia. In September, I attended an advanced workshop in Sydney, Australia to learn more about these unique flower essences, which have had some well documented success in treating illnesses of various types, including a wide range of physical and psychological ailments, as well as addressing other human frailties such as addiction, depression, disassociation, and more.

Flower essences are obtained by infusing water with the energy of a particular flower or plant, via sunlight. The use of flower essences by humans to promote healing and well-being extends back to the very first human healers – millennia ago. For instance, the Australian Aborigines obtained the beneficial effects of a flower essence by eating the whole flower, which would have dew upon it. They used many different types of flowers for resolving specific emotional imbalances. Many other cultures and peoples, including the Egyptians, used flower energies in this way.

European folklore on the healing power of flowers dates back at least to the medieval times. In the 16th century, the great healer and mystic Paracelsus collected the dew from flowers to treat emotional imbalances.

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) is considered the modern pioneer of flower essences. In earlier articles, I have written about some of the flower essences he developed. He believed that his repertoire of essences covered the entire spectrum of human energetic imbalances and that by using the appropriate flower essence(s), subtle energetic corrections could be made that could halt physical ailments from manifestation.

In recent years, flower essences have been developed in various locales around the word by gifted spirit healers (actually, anyone can make a flower essence as it is quite a simple process….yet to come up with an entire line of unique flower essences with their uses clearly understood is a life project for just a handful who feel this call.)

As Ian White puts it, the world that most of us live in is quite different from the era in which Dr. Bach developed his essences. Ian believes that new flower essences are now being revealed to help us cope with this current era of such complexity and heightened change.

Australia is one of the oldest lands, from a geological standpoint. It never experienced the ice age, nor does it have deep tectonic factors that cause earthquakes and volcanoes. Add to this its geographic isolation, as the largest island/smallest continent, and you have a plethora of unique flora and fauna in the red lands “down under.” Most of the Australian Bush Flower Essences come from plants that only grow in this very special part of the globe.

I myself wondered as the only non-Australian at the workshop whether these Australian made essences would be meaningful and useful to friends and clients in this area of the United States. Why not use more place-based flower essences, instead of drawing upon plants from so far from home?

My only response, which may explain why I was so guided to attend this workshop during my recent travels in Australia, is that they sure worked for me. I have used Bach flower essences for years, and will sometimes recommend them to clients to complement the crystal healing work I do. I have also worked with a few other types of flower essences, plus I make my own gem essences.

All I find powerful and transformative, and yet during the workshop and afterwards I was transformed at a very deep level by the Australian Bush Essences we used at the workshop. Their energies almost seem to harken to feel of the Australian lands and waters themselves – bold yet gentle, fluid yet solid, hardy yet alluring.

Right now, I am taking Boab for two weeks –morning and night –which is the standard recommended way to use these essences. This plant grows only in Western Australia. It said to help clear negative patterns of the ancestors. I’ll share my experiences with this in my next article.


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