The Way of the Sage


Sage is a wonderful plant that has been bringing me much joy and “good vibes” in the last few years. As I attempted to grow my first herb garden two years ago, a small clump of sage was one of my first plants and has proven to be one of the most prolific and hardy. This summer, I had several large clumps of sage that blossomed and grew leaves, and it seemed that the more I clipped them for teas and smudges, the more they grew.

The calendar is bringing us round to the dark time of the year, and now my sage stands blanketed in snow, with a few of its silvery grey leaves still poking out from under the initial white cover of late autumn.

Two days ago, I was just about to get a cold…I could feel it coming upon me. And so I ventured down to my basement, and brought up some of my dried sage – now stored in a large mason jar.

While the water was boiling, I placed some dried sage leaves along with a pinch of thyme and some dried yarrow (all from garden) into a pot. When the water was warm enough, I let it infuse the herbs for a while.

I chose my favorite tea cup – delicate and thin lipped. Not a more massive mug that seemed less sacred somehow to me at that precise moment. I poured the steaming liquid through a metal strainer and into the porcelain cup.

Sitting quietly and alone at my kitchen table, I looked out into my backyard that always inspires me with its beauty as slowly and very mindfully I sipped the medicinal liquid.

It seemed to taste more delicious than any tea I had imbibed for a long time; and it also tasted powerful and yet familiar. I wondered if this was because it had been harvested from my own garden, tended by my own hands. Perhaps this gave it special powers to help heal me when I need it.

For whatever reason, that cold never took hold. A few hours later, I felt mended and renewed.

I wrote this poem some time ago about sage, both the plant, which is a wise healer, and “sage” as a wise human mentor.

The way of the sage
Is the gentle extreme
Not tending to any direction
Not focusing on any goal
But rather committed
With whole-hearted honesty
And a mind that is crystal clear
To being of service to all those
Things that are near and dear.

So on this holy season
That bodes of changing cycles
And ways, I salute you
Today and call upon the power
Of the sage
To remind us all
Of our gentle soul
And the beauty of this earth
When we behold all of its treasures and lore.

So hold on tightly to your loved ones
And all that you hold dear
In this time of gentle beauty
And holy-day cheer.

About the author: Skye Stephenson, PhD, is an author, educator and LECORA crystal healer. She is also founder of The Jade Journeys Institute. Her recently published “Crystal Companion Cards: Messages from the Stones and a Star,” is a 52-card deck and accompanying booklet. If you would like to receive a weekly crystal message, please email her at She is also available for individual crystal card and LECORA crystal healing sessions, and for sacred place healing. See


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