The Circle of Peace

converted PNM file

The Circle of Peace
extends in infinite directions,
wherever you look,
whenever you sleep.

It resides in your baby’s cry
and in your lover’s sigh;
It is infinitely wide
and just as high-

Especially when you don’t go looking for it
but rather embrace it
just where you are/
just as you are –

A shining star
of potential peace
about to bloom
and share your infinite fragrance
with the sacred world
of now.

Beam it high,
Beam it low,
Beam it on the breast of winged doves
yet to be born

who still hear your gentle intrusion
upon a messy slope –

Bringing hope
in ways simple and strong
and helping others
move their lives along.

So take a step,
take a gentle and kind step,
to nowhere at all.

Just bend down and
tend to your own
little stars

Beaming bright
in the everyday light
of just as it is
here and now –

Welcome Heaven on Earth
as Earth is in Heaven –
Where stars bloom bright
then cycle away and die;
Where angels sing their silent songs
that no one can hear
but the crazy fools
who hear beyond the walls of the empires,
of cultures narrow and too defined.

Call upon the nothing,
which is just what you are,
and embrace your perennial peace
with a smile on your
ravaged and pockmarked face.

O child
of infinite place
and race.


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