Half past three of my life


Crystal Lake girl
Sunshine boy
Unruly child
Hair in my eyes

I try
To get by
In an upside world
Where too much order reigns riot and out of sorts.

Crystal Lake girl
Sunshine boy
That’s what I once was
Before too many crimes I didn’t commit

Passed before my eyes
In ecstasies of feathered serpents
And the claw.

Why is it so hard
To just be a child
And enjoy my life
Simple + sweet?

A bite to eat
Sunshine + the dew;
The fireflies come out at noon
To alight my world anew –

I collect in a bell jar
With holes punched at the top
So they won’t die….
They need air to breath
And so do I.

Crystal Lake girl
And moonbeam guys
They flowed over my body
With word so wise

Simple + sweet
Sung to the tune of their heartbeat/
Love + dreams
Happiness wrapped in a leaf

Belief in the new
Belief in our song
That can never go wrong.

I let the fireflies out
Before I go home to eat –
It is half past three
Of my life
And I am coming home to thee.


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