Salmon Spirit Message #1

Salmon Spirit Message #1Salmon defending its nest and eggs

My name is Salmon
of the vibrant tribe –
I ask you what it is that makes you happy,
What it is that makes you feel alive?

I don’t soar in the sky
Like eagle feather – my friend spouse –
And I don’t forage through the bushes and tress
Like cougar and bear – spirits that
Accompany you too.

Rather I go deep into the river’s flow
Gathering sources unseen to many
Who walk the surface and fly the skies,
As I hone my special wisdom of
Salmon spirit wise.

Ask me what you want,
Ask me what you will,
‘Cause I can tell you
How to follow the flows of your life
To have an existence of wisdom wise.

So ask where is your source,
So ask where is the spring that nourishes you so deep
And when you find this in your heart of hearts
Set your compass to follow it
Wherever it may lead.

And it may take you far away
To distant places, distant stars,
Or it may take you close and deep
Nestled within your sinews when you eat and when you sleep.

Now salmon is asking you to choose right now
The river and course you will flow along
To guide you as you create your spirit song.

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