Crystal Message for Keene #1

I am a crystal so bright –
who will accompany your community
All day and all night.

All through the hard times,
The sad times to come,
If you call upon my radiant red light
I will beam bright
upon you –

With malice unto no one.

I come to tell you to believe
That there is a light
That shines so bright
It can never be extinguished
No matter how hard some people may try.

So please tell your people
In sweet dear Keene
That each life is dear –
Human, flower and animal too.

Let love beam bright
all around your hometown,
Imbue it with passion
For the beauty of life divine –

Without any expectations of wealth or recognition,
Just enjoying the joys of ever-loving mother Earth.

Keep out greed and mistrust
Banish those enemies from your domains

Make this a humble place
Simple and sweet
And goodness and bounty will smile down upon all
In good time and due course.

Written 2013 for a crystal healing ceremony



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