Crystal Message for Keene #2

I come to tell your community
that the time of the clans and cliques is done.

It is time to unite,
to come together with gentle words
and without undue strife.

To forward collectively
the cause of this land,
which is to protect the energies of
the mountains, lakes and rivers.

You are a valley,
a portal between peaks,
and due to this configuration
you have a unique energy to keep –

Valleys bring together people
in good brotherhood and cheer
telling people from far and near
that they can have a respite, a pause, some hospitality, a smile.

Before they continue on their journeys
to other domains far and wide

So create of this community
a site of hospitality and good cheer;
Welcome all strangers who pass through
with a nod, a smile and a song.

And as your community grows
Exclude none in your embrace –
the fair and ugly of face,
those of all colors of skin and race

All are brothers and sisters,
All are united in our common humanhood
So use me to promote good brotherhood, harmony and cheer.

Enough of depression, addictions and pains,
from this there is no karmic gain.

Banish all those ghosts, those shadows that cling to ourselves
through pardon, good grace and a fair face.

Now when I say a fair face,
I’m not talking of a pretty girl or boy:

I’m talking about the sacrifice of the sacred
Each person can extol

With the way that they work,
the way they live their lives:
with good will to all
and no evil disguise.

And the malls and corporations,
the asphalt filled wetlands,
will pass in due time

When people access more deeply
the sacred and the divine
that can be found in your soil,
in your rivers and slopes,
in the trees and the deers,
in all kinds of folks –

So in good brotherhood
with love and good cheer,
plant me with firm conviction
that other times are drawing near.

Written 2013 for a ceremony in Keene, NH, USA.


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