Staying Grounded in Uncertain Times

In challenging times such as these, it is even more important than ever to stay grounded and balanced to the best of your abilities and qualities. This can be easier said than done, of course, for all of us. In this article today, instead of being “heavy” and “intense,” I am going to try a different tack: a simple list of suggested “feel good” possibilities. Consider trying them out and seeing how it goes.

  • Unplug from your plugged in life. Take a day to not read any news, check social media, or your smart phone except as necessary. For those of us above about thirty years of age, remember back to what life was like before we had any electronic apparatus. Try to reclaim it again, albeit for just a short bit of time. It can be amazing how a vacation from electronic technology can revive us sometimes.
  • Try being a hermit for a while. Now, I don’t mean a real life hermit, but do a mini solitude retreat. Instead of feeling guilty about “not doing your tasks,” try not having any tasks for an hour, a few hours or even a day. Give yourself a total break from any “to dos” and “shoulds.” Just chill out with yourself. P.S.: I like to do this sometime by staying in bed all day long – it can be a fantastic treat that is free!
  • You can also try to treat yourself as royalty for a bit. Do something to pamper yourself. What would that mean to you? For me, I enjoy giving myself a facial and a warm bath with essential oils. For you it may be something totally different. We are each different so of course what makes us feel special is different as well. I like the word in Spanish for royalty, which is “real.” You are real, as real as they come.
  • Don’t forget to look up at the sky, the trees and the clouds. Even for the briefest of moments, remembering just how beautiful our world is, how majestic nature is and how lucky we are to live in such a breathtakingly gorgeous area can recharge batteries rapidly. The other day I was beginning to feel really stressed out at work after back to back meetings when I caught the bare branches against the winter blue sky and all of the sudden it was okay.
  • Relax.   As my Tai Chi teacher Patrick reminds me each week in class, soft strength, real strength, is based on active relaxation. It is more powerful than hard strength which has its limits. Soft strength has no limits because you can always relax more. Such a simple concept is so profound. Remembering to relax no matter what is going on can truly be a life-saver and stress-eliminator sometimes.
  • Connect with your senses. Smell deeply – whether it be fragrant tea or herbs, essential oils, a burning fire, a sweet flower. Listen with quietude to something that makes your heart sing. Touch and be touched. Chew slowly and savor like an epicure a favorite food. See less detail and information with your eyes and let them enjoy having a cucumber rest.
  • Grab a stone, any stone that means something to you. Hold it in your hand. Give it your worries and pains. Blow into it your sorrows. Pass it over your body, head to foot, envisioning clearing any dim energies from your aura. Put two stones on your feet, by the arches, and let that energy run through your body. Put a favorite crystal or stone on your heart or any place that you feel called to. When you are done, wash it under the water and let it carry your pains and sorrows with it.
  • Think of somebody or something you love deeply. Hold that in your heart and send it out to the world.
  • Try to find something to make you smile and laugh every day, no matter what your problems or the problems of the world.

Remember, the stronger and more grounded your energy is, the more powerful you can be and the better you will feel. And the better chance you will have to contribute to the more positive tomorrow in whatever way you feel called.

Published in the Monadnock Shopper – March 2017



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