Spring Cleaning

Springtime is upon us – after a long and challenging winter. While still tentative, the rays of sunshine are more robust, daylight longer, and the tree sap beginning to flow – bringing us the sweetness of maple syrup. Along the Ashuelot River, I spotted where a turtle had left its winter hibernation.    I examined this indentation in the moist earth – reflecting on home: turtle’s and mine.

The last two weekends, I have found myself drawn into a spring time cleaning mode. I felt a sense of urgency to dust off my husband’s filthy car interior, clean the bedroom windows, and rearrange my desk. A few nights ago I awoke at 12:00 and could not fall back to sleep. So I walked into my study/client meeting space and looked at it with a clinical eye. I recalled the teachings of my Feng Shui advisor Patti as the room seemed to say – “change me, clear me out, reawaken my energies, appreciate me, love me.”

And I did…until 3:30 am.

I once read spring is the best time to purchase items at used furniture and clothing stores in Japan. This is because the Japanese (generally speaking) believe that all the items they co-exist with (clothing, furniture, etc.) are alive with their own energies and presence. Springtime (as well as New Year) is when Japanese people take a serious inventory of their objects’ energies and their relationship with them. If there are items they once loved but no longer find enjoyment from, they thank them, pack them up and move them out of their space. If there are items they purchased but have never really used or felt good about, these also go – with gratitude as well. Each choice a learning with its inherent gift of wisdom.

What area of your life may need some spring cleaning now? Perhaps it is your physical living space – do you have clutter that does not allow energy to flow easily and with power? Or maybe it is your own physical body. After a long winter, our physical body may need an energetic tune-up.

In my LECORA soul healing practice, clients usually need an energy clearing before I can engage in any other layouts. Typically, they have blockages of energetic flow that do not allow them to feel fully balanced and vibrant. I work primarily with stones and crystals to help balance and clear clients’ energy fields. Other allies are often used as well including plants in the forms of essential oils, plant and flower essences as well as actual sacred herbs like sage, basil and tobacco. Guides and helpers from the deep earth and high skies often pop up to assist – the multivariate universe is full of helping beings who like to support the healing of humans, since that also contributes to planetary and cosmic healing.

You can Spring Clean your own body’s energy field. Here is one simple practice. When you take a shower or bath, envision that the water is a violet color and is washing away any dark or dim energies around your body. When you feel energetically clear, focus on your heart and recall a loving experience and/or emotion. Stay in this vibration of love for a while and send it out to fill the energy field around you from below the soles of your feet to above the top of your head. You may want to envision it as the color green or pink – I use jade green (my favorite!). Then imagine this bubble of loving energy surrounded by a deep blue of protection. See it protecting you from any negative energies. And finally sprinkle liberally gold all around, like a shining Easter egg. This is the golden light of your own soul radiance and true abundance. How happy your energy field will be with this gift of attention and appreciation.


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