Clearing Crystals and our Lives

Clearing crystals is a hotly debated topic among folks interested in crystal healing and other sacred uses of stones and crystals. Many of the popular books on this topic outline techniques to use for clearing supposedly ‘negative’ or ‘heavy’ energies from our crystals and stones. When I give workshops, this is a frequent question that I try to answer in a helpful way.

Less consideration is often given to clearing other types of crystals that we interface with on a daily basis. And that is what I would like to discuss in my article this month. First of all, most of us coexist with crystals very closely through our computers, cell phones and other types of technology that relies on the power of crystal communication for information processing, storage and transmission. On my external hard drive alone is stored all sorts of data – from past income tax filings to many drafts of books and articles not yet finished to email exchanges to photos and more.

Recently, I was feeling bogged down and not nimble. While I am usually a pretty fast writer, nothing seemed to percolate when I sat down to compose something. And so I went into a radical purging of my electronic files. My delete button was pushed hundreds of times one evening and afterwards, I felt remarkably clearer – as if my own mind had had a good cleaning.

Scientists have recently found that within a quartz crystal lies an empty space upon which information can be programmed and stored. This, of course, is how much of our computer technology works. So just imagine when that space is like if we have stuffed it full of lots of date from our computer. That’s why deleting old files and old programs from our computers can help free up space – energetically speaking – for new ideas, concepts, information and creativity.

Our own bodies also are crystalline structures in a manner of speaking. Our physical bodies contain many crystals – in our blood cells and lymphatic system, in our bones, and in all the fluids and solids that we are made up of. This is why doing a periodic clearing of our own body can be most invigorating and health promoting. Just like clearing a quartz crystal, there are many ways to clear ourselves energetically.

This is an arena in which cross cultural perspectives and practices differ. I am shortly heading down to Ecuador for two weeks and one of the things I am most looking forward to is having a limpia or cleaning. Each time I go to Ecuador, I try to have one.

Now this limpia, or cleaning, is not for my physical body but for the energetic body that surrounds us. It is believed by many people in Latin America (and elsewhere in the world) that the energies around our bodies can get clogged and dirty just as our physical bodies can. This can cause ill health, feelings of depression or anger, and general malaise.

An energetic limpia can be done many ways. Sometimes special stones are used to help clear negative energies; other times and other practioners may instead use an egg or a candle or some other object to help clear and re-energize the crystalline energies that surround us. Herbs are always employed (basil, copal, flowers, rue, etc.) as is flame and water, prayer and temperature.

So if a crystal can ostensibly absorb negative energies when being used in a clinical capacity, as some contend, and need a periodic clearing – so too might we humans benefit from an energetic clearing so we can resonate at a higher frequency and vibration. I’ll share details of my experience in next month’s article.

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