2019 Crystal Oracle Card Reading

On January 1st I ask Spirit what the energies of the year will bring and for guidance and direction around how to focus my attention and learning for the net solar cycle.  Here is the 2019 card reading I drew today using my own “Crystal Companion Cards”.


The first card pulled was Father Sky. It was placed in the Father Sky position of the spread. To have selected this card for its natural position indicates that this will be a year of great cosmic importance and significance.  Perhaps guidance will be beamed even more strongly to us; perhaps we are being ask to open ever more widely to the cosmic energies – those we understand and (perhaps more importantly) those we do not.

In 2018, the Father Sky card was Malachite – Vision. We were being asked by the cosmos to envision what we wanted to come into being for ourselves, our communities and the planet.  In 2019, Father Sky is there standing strong; maybe the cosmos has received our visions and hopes, perhaps it is time for us to receive more deeply the visions the cosmos has for me and you and all of us.

RhodochrositeEmotional Self-Sufficiency and Lemurian Memories support us in connecting with Father Sky in 2019.  Interestingly, in 2018 Lemurian memories was supporting the Mother Earth card of Deep Earth Crystals.  In 2019, it is now in the cosmic realm of Father Sky. Yet another indication that our visions and deep work in 2018 has been received and are being processed cosmically.  Both cards indicate a re-remembering of our innate ability to commune and connect with all life forms combined with connecting with our inner child, personal and of humanity.


The Mother Earth card in 2019 is Jasper – Pleasure. In an inverted position, this may be suggesting we should make sure we take pleasure in all we do and to engage in pleasurable activities, things that make us joyful and feel good.  This is a good reminder to me to lighten up a bit, not be so heavy and concerned about the many problems that seem to be swirling around. Instead, take time to take a pleasure break.

This card is flanked by Malachite and Jade. Both of these stones are powerful, potent and deeply connected to both transformation and to heart.  Jade has often been used to connect to our ancestors, as well as to teach us how to connect more deeply and heal our own hearts and thus improve our character. Malachite is a green stone with a strong copper content.  “If malachite has come into your life, it may be a good time to ask yourself what you want to bring into reality. You probably have many visions and dreams…but what are you doing with them right now, in your own life?  Malachite is asking you this because he knows that you know.”


The final and most important card – the center card for 2019 – is Black JadeEquanimity.  Thus we have jade twice in the spread for 2019.  Black jade is connected deeply with heart and love, in the widest and deepest way imaginable. It is the highest octave of jade; often called The Prince of Peace.

“Black Jade offers you the precious gift of true peace….This is not the peace of the graveyard, silent and subdued, without action or reaction.  Rather, it is a very dynamic peace that can emerge when you find your own core of serenity and balance in whatever situation you encounter.”

Black Jade is flanked by Fluorite – Ecumenical and Turquoise – Sacred Insight.  Both are reversed.  Our challenge in 2019 may be around including people and ideas we may not necessarily agree with.  We are being called to push our boundaries of love beyond our comfort zone.  To refine our sacred insight to see the sacred in everyone and everything –without judgement or a sense of “I’m right, they’re wrong.”

So if 2018 was about calling upon the ancient wisdom to help envision and give birth to a different future; 2019 may be challenging us to expand our hearts and love to everyone and everything.  Recognizing that you and I, we and they are ultimately all interconnected.  We are all stardust.  And stone dust.

I’d like to finish this sharing of my crystal card reading with an excerpt from my Crystal Companion Cards.  The final section from Black Jade.

Review in your mind’s eye recent events that have thrown you off balance and disturbed you.  Now tell me, are they really that important?

Take a few deep breaths in and out, expelling any tensions you may be feeling.  Turn your mind’s eye inward and strive to achieve a serenity of thought and emotion.  Find the balance that resides in the center of your heart, poised between the right and left sides and the upper and lower chambers.  Bring all your many thoughts and bodily sensations to that one single point as you feel calmness spreading throughout.  Take a minute to enjoy this sensation of peacefulness.

Now envision somebody or someone (near or far) that you would like to send this exquisite energy to.  Reach out to them in equanimity.  Now spread this energy into the deep Earth and high Sky; let it flow over oceans and mountains, through rivers and forests; and from pole to pole.  Celebrate – you have arrived at a Black Jade Heart.

Happy 2019!!


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