Living Stones, Loving Earth & Now

Life as we know it is changing, shifting. We can feel it in our bones and in our hearts. Many are the explanations offered for these new times we struggle to wrap our minds around. For those who truly follow the ancient Toltec/Mayan ways, this is because we are in a time of transition from a 650 year period of the Sun to a 650 year period of the Moon. A time of movement from light to dark, from looking outside of ourselves for answers and meaning to looking within. This transition began in 1991 and will culminate in 2021.

Times of change are always disconcerting, often fear-provoking. They shake us up and stir us around, bringing us to new places we never thought we would arrive at. Bringing down structures and ideas we once thought permanent and stable. Forcing us to perceive of things in new ways, with fresh eyes; and for new and awakened voices to emerge from the shift.

This time of the Moon we are entering into asks each of us to look within ourselves for the answers, and for power and meaning as well. This means that some of the answers to problems, even at a societal level, may reside within our own relationship with ourselves more than we realize. As an example, Sergio Magana, a Mexican who is sharing widely ancient Toltec/Mexica practices with the world through his books and workshops, told us at a four-day retreat I recently attended the following anecdote.

“I was one of the speakers at a very large Natural Healing Conference in Germany last year, the largest in Europe. There were thousands attending and many well-known medical healers giving talks. At one of the forums, I was on a panel with several other presenters and the topic of what to do about water pollution came up. All the other presenters said the typical things like we need to get rid of plastics and recycle more and be more careful about the environment. When it was my turn, I said something different, which is that in order to heal the waters outside of us, we need to heal the waters within us. We need to see what part of ourselves is in drought, what part is in flood, and what part is with destructive hails. For instance, addiction issues of any type are floods – too much of something. What we need to do is to bring these parts of ourselves, of our own waters, into balance first. This will help to heal the world’s waters.”

Much the same can be said about working with rocks, stones and crystals. In fact, I was taking the course with Sergio recently to learn more about the Toltec/Mexica uses of the obsidian mirror to heal our own internal underworlds, including ancestral pains and sorrows.

Since the rise of the Industrial age (around the time of the start of the last Sun period), our dominant societal viewpoint about rocks, stones and crystals has been that they are merely raw material we humans can and should use to meet our own physical needs and desires. It is okay to dig, mine, blast and even frack the rocks in our landscapes apart because they are devoid of consciousness and life. But are they?

Just as we have waters in our body, we also have stones and crystals. Our bones serve in a manner of speaking like the rocks of our planet, giving us form and structure. And like rocks and stones, our bones are made of minerals like calcium. It is said that it is in our bones that the memories of our ancestors and our dreams are etched, just like the way the rocks and stones serve as the planetary library.

There are specific healing practices you can do to erase from your bones unproductive, repetitive patterns you may be carrying from your ancestors. Things like addictions, depression, anxiety, soul pain, even physical ailments. Stones and crystals can serve as great helpers in this process. Working with the obsidian mirror and other obsidian tools is one example. There are many others.

This is one reason I have chosen to focus on stone and rock healing practices in recent years, and why I enjoy teaching about building relationship with rocks, stones and crystals. In this time of transition from the Era of the Sun to the Era of the Moon, we are being called to look for the answers within us – so for those of us who stay up at night worried about the state of our planet Earth, about climate change, about fracking and pollution, one small way we can contribute to healing our planet’s landscapes is to heal our own internal landscape. If we ask with respect, the waters and rocks will help.


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