Eclipsed Rose

O Rose quartz, she does know
with her glittery show
that it is by the mullein leaf wise
where the mushrooms do grow.

Murdered nights and slain days–
O save me, dear Rose Quartz,
by the river so wide

And may the eagle fly free,
not weighted down by you and me
and out impossible dreams of what can never be.

I lay down my sword, shining and bright–
let it be eclipsed by the deep moon’s nights,
may it melt away in the pyres of the stars,
be engulfed by black hole and
timeless canyons of you.

I hold you now high
looking up to the sky,
and ask for nothing at all–
I am ready to die

so something new can emerge
from the concrete and tired steel
of a civilization gone awry
on too much rye and zeal

And I just hope I may feel
ever so faintly
as a puff of smoke
the tenderest tendrils
of what may one day be born.

But for now leave me to mourn
and try not to go mad

Rose quartz keep me safe
by the riverbed wide.



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