Turtle Island Gone Awry

Said Indian chief
Inside moon ledge
Eagle flies high
In forever skies

A tear drop –
You and I –
Melded in timeless trust
Of ever-ending cycles.

Rhythms of time
Space unfurled
Trespassers both
Between two liminal worlds

“I’m sorry” I say to you
Reaching across spans of centuries
Time unheralded
Ice ages come and gone

Turtle Island
Gone awry
Let us both cry
Salty tears of dew and dust

Bones of the ancestors
Breath of the winds
Fires parched and desolate
Timeless canyons of me and you.

I retch upon the soil
Poisons and puss
Pestilence and hatred
Harmful instincts honed
By prevailing patterns
Of discord and deceit

Fly high


Bye eagle

Good-bye as you sail
Into your forever skies

And I knell down
Small as a cochroach
Smelly as a skunk
Tired as a grasshopper
Without any fields to poach.

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