Entering the Dark Sun Time

Last year, I attended a workshop with Mexican healer Sergio Magaña at the Open Center in New York City. A portion of this two-day workshop focused on the Mayan/Aztec calendar.

Like some of you, I followed the hype around 2012 with its myriad books and scary movies about how this was going to be the ‘end of the world.’ Well, that date came and went with no apparent destruction or radical change to most of our lives.

I will confess to digging a bit deeper into this topic, including a trip or two to Mexico to try to find from some indigenous people what they thought about 2012. When we were finally able to speak with a wonderful man named Pastor, a park warden in the southern Yucatan, he reassured us that it was not the ‘end of the world’ but rather the ‘end of a world’.  And he suggested that the best thing I could do would be to return to my own home and people and do ceremonies there – following our own traditions and spirituality – to welcome the ‘new world’ coming into being.

I never fully grasped Pastor’s meaning about a new cycle for humanity until Sergio Magaña’s talk almost a decade later. I share with you a synopsis of the main points:

The Aztec Calendar (the original of which can be found in the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City) is composed of many rings and was a compilation of information from many Pre-Columbian peoples and cultures.

Each of the rings is divided into four equal parts. This is because of their belief that four movements are needed to complete a cycle. This is based on nature: four elements, four phases of the moon, four movements in a day, etc.

The outer ring is the long count of the Aztec calendar. It represents a 26,500-year cycle.  This is the period of time for our solar system to rotate around the Pleiades. The ancient Meso-Americans knew this quite precisely. We don’t know today how they could have had this accurate cosmic knowledge.

The long count split into four gives 6,625 years for each period, knowns as Suns. The Sun rules the collective consciousness of the time period.

Within these four suns, two are called suns of light, and two are suns of darkness. They alternate.

This is where it gets interesting. According to the Aztec Calendar, we are currently in the transition from the Sun of Light to the Sun of Darkness, to a new period of collective consciousness.

According to Sergio Magaña, this transition began in 1991, reached its climax in 2012, and will finish in 2021. In other words, we are almost at the end of the transition period.

So, what does this mean for us, according to the Aztec calendar? The ‘Day Sun’ we are leaving was a period when, like in daytime, we look outside ourselves for meaning and purpose. This is a period that is good for conquering what is outside of us, for never feeling satisfied with what we have. It is time when religion and medicine are also highly prized.

The ‘Night or Dark Sun’ period we are transitioning into is not necessarily a darker time from a soul perspective. What it brings forth collectively are activities and qualities that are like in the nighttime. In this period, our dreams become important tools for self-understanding and actual change of the physical world. We become our own healer and therapist, looking for answers within ourselves. The focus become more internal and self-directed.

Technology also begins to reflect this shift. Sergio pointed out the dreamlike qualities of the internet and virtual communication. We can now communicate almost instantaneously from our houses to anyone and anyplace in the world. Isn’t that what also happens in our dreams?

Between each movement, or cycle, in the Aztec calendar there is always an eagle. This represents the destruction of the old cycle, which must happen for the new cycle to emerge.

A man at the Open Center workshop asked Sergio if it would be better in the next cycle or not?  Would it be more peaceful? Sergio paused and said that it was really up to humanity, it could go either way.  What would change is our tools and techniques for power and control. For the emerging ‘Dark Sun’ period, the keys would be mastery of technology and mastery of our dreams.

I am sharing this rather long overview about the Aztec calendar with you because it seems relevant to me regarding what is going on globally right now. As I write from my house, which I try not to leave unless absolutely necessary, and communicate virtually with people around the world; as I witness the physical death of many people as well as the potential death of programs, institutions and structures that even last year seemed solid and strong; and as I try to make sense of all of this….I find some possible meaning for all these events in what the ancient Aztec calendar foretold would occur right around this date.

If there is indeed some veracity to this ancient wisdom calendar created by some of the greatest astronomers who ever lived, this means you and I are living through a profound shift in human and planetary consciousness right now. We are alive as we transition from the ‘Day Sun’ to the ‘Night Sun.’

Published in the Monadnock Shopper April 2020

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