Crystal Message for Keene #2

I come to tell your community that the time of the clans and cliques is done. It is time to unite, to come together with gentle words and without undue strife. To forward collectively the cause of this land, which is to protect the energies of the mountains, lakes and rivers. You are a valley, […]

ANDEAN RITUAL CLEANING – From my monthly column in Keene, NH

I am writing this article from Otavalo, Ecuador, after a visit with the shaman Jorge Tamayo who recently carried out a ritual cleaning for me.  Don Jorge, as he is known, is a gentle spoken man of an indescribable age who speaks Quechua and a spotty Spanish.  About five feet tall, he lives with his […]

“Crystal Transmissions and The Spirits of Jade” interview on “Your Metaphysical Connection”

Here is the link to the youtube of my discussion about crystal healing and my new novel “The Spirits of Jade,” on “Your Metaphysical Connection,” with Deb Miller.  Thanks Deb for hosting me!