MANY LADDERS TO THE PHOENIX – My December 2011 article in the Monadnock Shopper

My favorite course at Wellesley College, where I received my undergraduate degree, was Comparative Religion.  The professor was a man named James Kodera and he truly embodied the material he taught.  Professor Kodera was Japanese, but his grandfather had been Norwegian.  His grandparents had met in Nagasaki, which at the time was the only port […]

“Crystal Transmissions and The Spirits of Jade” interview on “Your Metaphysical Connection”

Here is the link to the youtube of my discussion about crystal healing and my new novel “The Spirits of Jade,” on “Your Metaphysical Connection,” with Deb Miller.  Thanks Deb for hosting me!

My Crystal Article in Wisdom Magazine – October 2011.

Impregnating Crystals To Promote Social Change And Global Transformation – Skye Stephenson My name is Skye. In September 2005, during a personal crisis in my life, I unexpectedly received a download of information about rock and crystal healing that lasted about six weeks. It started initially as guidance from one of my spirit guides […]