Violets, Weeding and Fear

This year, violets have overtaken my garden. From just a few in one area of my garden last year I now find these seemingly dainty plants with their heart shaped leaves throughout my garden. I have learned that they spread by rhizomes, or underground roots. I started gardening only a few years ago and still […]


You might have pulled this scrappy plant out of a prized garden bed or your lush green lawn this summer.  Its scientific name is Prunella Vulgaris, but this creeping, purple-flowered, low-lying plant is more commonly known as “Self-Heal.” Highly regarded in Chinese medicine for healing a vast array of health problems and widely used by […]

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences were developed by Ian White during the last twenty years. Currently there are 65 of them, all derived from plants native to Australia. In September, I attended an advanced workshop in Sydney, Australia to learn more about these unique flower essences, which have had some well documented success in treating illnesses […]