Crystal Message for Keene #2

I come to tell your community that the time of the clans and cliques is done. It is time to unite, to come together with gentle words and without undue strife. To forward collectively the cause of this land, which is to protect the energies of the mountains, lakes and rivers. You are a valley, […]

Prayer for my Community

          PRAYER FOR MY COMMUNITY Sharing a prayer I wrote for a ceremony that will appear in the 2016 WE ‘Moon Agenda. Dear community, we come to you small spirits on a winding path at the turning of these days, at the changing of the cycles. Please open the way for our small and humble […]

World Family

What kind of world do you want to re-create? If you make your family bigger indeed, you will find that your arms encompass all the seas; your hair flows like the rivers, your arms become a tendrils of vines, your feet root into obsidian, and you are sprinkled with star dust, moonlight and sunbeams in […]