“The Cuban Connection” – Chapter from my novel “The Spirits of Jade” (2011, Carnelian Press)

-Chapter 30 from “The Spirits of Jade,” Skye Stephenson – The Cuban Connection Barbara did manage to convince Jade to go to the art exhibit on 23rd Street.  What had done the trick was when Jade learned that the exhibit was at the Center for Cuban Studies.  According to Barbara, several of the top painters […]

“Crystal Transmissions and The Spirits of Jade” interview on “Your Metaphysical Connection”

Here is the link to the youtube of my discussion about crystal healing and my new novel “The Spirits of Jade,” on “Your Metaphysical Connection,” with Deb Miller.  Thanks Deb for hosting me!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZjY4RoaT3o