Entering the Dark Sun Time

Last year, I attended a workshop with Mexican healer Sergio Magaña at the Open Center in New York City. A portion of this two-day workshop focused on the Mayan/Aztec calendar. Like some of you, I followed the hype around 2012 with its myriad books and scary movies about how this was going to be the […]

Turtle Island Gone Awry

Said Indian chief Inside moon ledge Eagle flies high In forever skies A tear drop – You and I – Melded in timeless trust Of ever-ending cycles. Rhythms of time Space unfurled Trespassers both Between two liminal worlds “I’m sorry” I say to you Reaching across spans of centuries Time unheralded Ice ages come and […]

Two Silver Plates and the Wall

I inherited two small silver plates from my mother when she passed a decade ago. They are family heirlooms with a story attached. A gift to my step-great grandfather, William Morris Stewart, the first Senator from Nevada and a self-made millionaire through silver mining in the Wild West days. He was also a lawyer, originally […]

Healing Repetitive Patterns in Our Lives

We have all experienced it.  We promise ourselves that we won’t repeat something our mother or father or aunt or uncle or other family member did that we don’t like. And then we end up doing the same thing, wondering how come we can’t break out of this pattern despite our best intentions. For me, […]

Eclipsed Rose

O Rose quartz, she does know with her glittery show that it is by the mullein leaf wise where the mushrooms do grow. Murdered nights and slain days– O save me, dear Rose Quartz, by the river so wide And may the eagle fly free, not weighted down by you and me and out impossible […]