I have enjoyed writing poetry since I was a wee lassie – my first poem was written at age 4.  I am an unschooled poet, meaning that I have not deeply studied poetry and poets but rather am inspired by life and inspirations that come to me and through me.  For many years, I would scribble a poem down, then spend weeks reworking it only to bring it back  almost to its original content.  So in my latest poetry book – Mystic Mourn (2015) – I share poems that are pretty much in their original form, with only minor changes from how I first jotted them down.  Most of the poetry in this book with three exceptions were written on a long plane ride from Boston to Australia.  The poems literally poured out of me and onto jotted pieces of paper found in the airline seat pocket – including a napkin, airline magazine and a motion sickness bag!




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