Healing with Obsidian Stones

“It is as easy to cure cancer as a common cold,” my teacher of obsidian tools – Sergio Magana – told us in class. “Hard to believe, but at an energetic level this is true.”

He then went on to tell us two remarkable stories about healing using obsidian tools. The first was about an Italian woman who had taken his course in Italy. The following day, she was walking to the beach with her sister-in-law, who was quite pregnant. Suddenly, her sister-in-law began to bleed profusely between her legs, hemorrhaging large amounts of blood onto the sand. They were in a rather remote place, quite far from any medical help.

The woman’s husband, who had also attended the workshop, suggested that she try to use the psychic surgery procedure with the obsidian wand they had learned just the day before. Remarkably, she had brought along the obsidian wand (which is about 8 inches long with a sharp point on one end). The woman fumbled for her notes, never having practiced this before. And she gave it a try.

The psychic surgery can take anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour. This type of healing is not something done ‘to you’ but, rather, ‘with you’ as the person being healed is the lead actor in the process. I try to imagine this woman bleeding intensely on some remote Italian beach, doing the required deep and sustained breathing as well as – later on – the expulsion of ‘bad winds’ through deep release.

Typically, the person leading this process holds in their left hand clay or other porous object to absorb these ‘bad winds.’ At the site where they did this healing, however, there was no clay to be found so they used instead a handful of sand.

As the ‘bad winds’ were expelled, the bleeding slowed down and then stopped. By the time medical help arrived the woman in question was feeling remarkably better. Nonetheless, they took her to the hospital for a check-up. When they examined her, the doctors were puzzled. It looked as if she had already had surgery – there were clear stich marks.

The final step of the psychic surgery process involves making energetic stiches an inch or two above the patient’s body on the spot where the obsidian wand was used. How could something done energetically have actual physical manifestations that medical doctors noted?

I don’t know the answer to this question, do you? All I can say is that this story did indeed happen. As did the story of another woman – a Mexican this time – who had quite advanced ovarian cancer with a large tumor that she knew would need to be removed surgically. Before doing so, however, she decided to try some alternative healing including psychic surgery. She did several sessions of this psychic surgery (two are recommended, at two week intervals).

When she was opened up surgically, the doctors marveled that the tumor was totally gone. Stitch marks were seen by the medical team, just as if someone had already done the operation.

I know these are remarkable stories. Sergio himself clearly says that psychic surgery doesn’t always work. He estimates that it is helpful about 70% of the time.

Of course, psychic surgery can be used for many types of health issues, not only advanced cancer and life-threatening hemorrhaging. It can be as useful for (so-called) psychological problems and spiritual angst as physical ones.

In the last few weeks, several friends have been kind enough to allow me to try out psychic surgery using an obsidian wand on them. While these sessions are of course confidential and private, I will say that each has felt relief as a result.

Psychic surgery is the most acute part of a three-step process based on ancient Toltec knowledge that uses obsidian tools to heal at a core level. In my column next month, I will explain more about the other components of this healing process using obsidian tools.

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